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He gained his culture at the Institute of Art in Naples under the guidance of professors as Eugenio Visi and Francesco Galante. He began his professional theatrical collaborating with Ms. Maria Consiglio Picone owns the costume workshop Maria Consiglio Fashion 1954-1975.

The above tailoring were entrusted theater, television and film, such as:

Performances of ballets with the choreographer and dancer Ludmilla Tcherina

Performances of ballets with the choreographer Tatiana Pavlova

Aida - directed by Roberto Rossellini - costumes Adriana Muojo

Saint Joan - directed by Roberto Rossellini - costumes Attilio Colonello

Il ratto del serraglio - directed by Alessandro Brissoni - costumes Vera Carotenuto

All Scarpettiana for the Teatro San Ferdinando di Napoli for the period 1960-1984

All Scarpettiana for Teatro Bracco of Naples for the period 1966-1977

Cantata dei Pastori - First TV Production Centre (now RAI)

All comedies of Eduardo de Filippo among which we highlight:

Il Contratto - Director Eduardo de Filippo - costumes Renato Guttuso

Uomo e Galantuomo - director Eduardo de Filippo - costumes Maria Picone Council

All comedies with Luisa Conte at the Teatro Sannazaro of Naples

Since 1975 he holds the C.T.N. 75 and from that period to date has designed costumes for several productions.


In 2015 he was awarded the title of Master Craftsman.

Vincenzo Canzanella


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